Collection: The Seraph and Her Materials.

Personal Name: Luminous Seraph.

Repository: Luminous Seraph, The Valorous Grand-Garrison.

Creator: L'Ordre de la Lumière

Title: The Thirteenth Emissary — Original by L'Ordre de la Lumière.

SCP Designation: SCP-179-DE — By the Germanophone Foundation.

Date: Created in 1489. Reclaimed in 2016.

Extent: 15 linear metres (5 boxes of documents, 3 boxes of additional relics, 1 statue).

Location: The Aegis Vault and the Vitreous Gallery — The Valorous Grand-Garrison.

Language: Multiple languages.

Language of materials: The documents on this collection are in Latin, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Koren, English and Portuguese.

Abstract: A guardian-familiar and its accompanying relics, reliquaries and documentation.

Citation: //"

"// — Grand-Magister Leopoldo

Debriefing: First-class relic1, second-class relics2, third-class relics3.

Publication Information: Bibliography: L'Ordre de la Lumière, The Paladin's Library 2016; Volume I.
Publication Information: Bibliography: Luminous Seraph, The Paladin's Library 2017: Volume I.
Publication Information: Bibliography: Physical Lumière, The Seeker's Records 2018: Volume I.

Revision: Revised in 27/07/2019.

Restriction on Access: Closed for research; special permission from the current Keeper and the Gallery Council is required for first and second-class relics. Handling of third-class relics and documents is limited due to their volatility and fragility, respectively, and may not be removed from the reading rooms in the Vitreous Gallery.

Acquisition: Documentation collected by several organisations from various sources, including donations from patrons. The first-class Relic was collected by Dame Cecília Moraes de Porto.

Processing of Information: Processed by Grand-Magister Leopoldo, appointed Keeper of the Collection.

Contents: One statue of 3.5 metres of height, 1.05 tons of weight. Sculpted in grey marble; altered by divine high-thaumaturgy. Depicts a female angel with spread wings, robes and lamellar armour. Dated circa 1489, Renaissant period.

One ornate épée bâtarde of 1.8 metres of height and a functional, adorned scabbard. Sculpted in grey marble; altered by divine high-thaumaturgy. Dated circa 1489, Renaissant period.

One ornate heater shield of .7 metres of diameter. Sculpted in grey marble; altered by divine high-thaumaturgy. Dated circa 1489, Renaissant period.

Scope: The Statue of a Seraph is an ensorcelt vessel for a non-denominal being serving the role of a guardian-type familiar to a randomly selected individual. The stonework vessel perfectly mimics the movement of the human body.

This selection process follows an abstract set of rules based on morality and ethics, and its perception by the individual and their peers. It is not strictly conforming to the philosophy of the organisation known as L'Ordre de la Lumière.

Whereas the inert being possessed a power of its own, thaumaturgy in the form of a Geas limits its modus-operandi; constraining it to familiarise with an individual, and directly killing living beings through its actions.

History of Relic: [recovery log]

State of Arrangement: First-class relic Statue of a Seraph

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