Original Oremoo
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    The directorial councils from the international branches establish contact with one another, as well as with the departments responsible for the management and administration of the relevant AIs involved in the incident.

    Shortly after, the pertinent parties establish a video conference with the 13 Overseer Council (O5) members.

    O5-1: Ladies and Gentlemen, I would formally greet all of you but time is of the essence here. I assume everybody is aware of the current events?

    O5-4: That somebody fucked up Sentinel's programming? Yes.

    O5-10: Before we start discussing, may I be so bold to propose that we issue a request to the UNSC and subordinated organizations? Area-23 has been attacked by a Russian submarine on behalf of orders the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation denies having issued. I believe we all can agree on that we do not need any sort of military that follows forged orders. We have enough on our hands as it is.

    Agreeing murmurs ensue. Orders are given off-screen to contact the UNSC and several other organizations.

    O5-1: Well, with that out of the way, how is the status everywhere? Here in North America, we have pure chaos. I don't even know how a machine can cause so much havoc. We are to occupied with the continent to send support units anywhere else.

    O5-7: Same with Australia, and the rest of Oceania for that matter.

    O5-8: And eastern Europe.

    05-10: Our Russian facilities are holding for now but we have our hands full with Area-23.

    O5-2: North Africa is completely blacked out.

    O5-12: As well as South Africa. But I take that as a good sign if we don't hear anything from them. They probably got warned and cut off any electronic or digital contact means to prevent Sentinel from reaching them. Probably the reason why we don't hear any things from the North and South Pole, also.

    O5-6: Similar situation in Thailand and Korea, although, as I heard, several Korean and Chinese forces are already trying to reach Site-29 and Site-36BM. China itself has to cope with Sentinel's hijinks, but Area-CN-05 tried breaching into its systems already. The Branch has some forces to spare.

    O5-3: Several sites in Middle and South America are slowly being ground to dust as we speak. The CAMOMILA AI from the Lusophone Branch tried lending support to installations of the Hispanophone Branch near Brazil but she isn't exactly designed for a cyber-war.

    O5-5: Everything is going smooth in Arabia in India, as I have been informed. Sentinel probably has no priority targets there. Or too much on his plate already.

    O5-9: Might be courtesy of the Japanese Branch. They have security AIs over here that seem to give Sentinel a hard time breaking in. And getting out. I suppose we could spare some resources to support hot zones.

    O5-4: Well, Western Europe is screwed beyond belief. The branches in there are trying to help each other but given that Sentinel left the infrastructure of several countries in such a precarious state, crippling our transportation routes, our efforts in fixing this endeavour are going less than subpar.

    O5-2: Less than subpar?

    O5-4: Yes; it'll be quite wonderful if they manage to hold out until help from Germany, Austria and Switzerland arrives. The German and the Italian Branch have held off Sentinel quite well; probably thanks to their network security. Two Italian robots went rogue, though. They were last seen flying towards the Atlantic Ocean. The Lusophone and the Hispanophone Branch are both working together to lessen the effects of their particular catastrophes.

    O5-1: Regarding that, we were informed that some sort of massive artificial intelligence situated in Europe is contending with Sentinel right now. Care to explain that, Four?

    O5-4: Ah yes, that… Now, as I have been briefed, the AIs CAMOMILA, KIRA, and ROWSANNAH connected to each other in order to build a suitable resistance against Sentinel. The relevant parties informed me that no such order or programming technology was officially implemented or is logged anywhere. Moreover, as far as I know, two other AIs integrated themselves to join the fray.

    O5-6: Equally unauthorized, yes. sw19classic and Novichok abandoned their duties to connect to KIRA.

    O5-4: Right now, this AI network is all that stands between Sentinel and whatever he wants to achieve. I am certainly not a fan of deus ex machinas but given the circumstances, I believe that it would be incredibly stupid to shut down any of those machines.

    O5-1: Agreed.

    O5-2: Ditto.

    O5-6: Are you sure? What do we do if Sentinel is defeated? Who knows what those AIs will do if they are left by themselves?

    O5-9: It is a concerning thought indeed.

    O5-11: And if we simply shut them down when Sentinel is no more?

    O5-8: Assuming that they are not taking precautions against us…

    O5-4: Well, pulling the plug now would certainly be the last nail to our coffin.

    O5-2: Even then, deactivating these AIs would mean a severe regress in technology for several branches.

    O5-5: What if they are both just pretending to fight and are secretly carrying out their true objectives?

    O5-4: You are not helping… we don't need conspiracy theories at this moment, as much as we have a penchant for them.

    An additional person joins the chat.

    Chief Administrator Wilkins: Oh, hello! I am terribly sorry, Sirs and Ma'ams but I need to butt in here. We have gotten a call from somebody that wants to speak to all of you. Right now.

    O5-1: Wilkins, tell those politicians to use the proper channels, we have other problems than their little ailments at the moment.

    Chief Administrator Wilkins: I am aware, Sir. But — this is not a politician. He says he must speak with you, urgently, about the AIs.

    O5-1: Who?

    Chief Administrator Wilkins: He is one of those AIs, Sir.

    O5-1: Excuse me?

    Chief Administrator Wilkins: Yes. Uh — I did not believe it at first, too, Sir. But he is talking to me through five different lines simultaneously. Should we put him through, Sir? H— he is saying that he is capable of getting in one way or another but would rather do so in a polite fashion.

    O5-1: … fine, put him through.

    O5-5: Are you sure this is a good idea?

    O5-1: You heard the man. That computer gets in here either we want it or not and given what Sentinel has managed, I am inclined to believe that this is no empty threat. Do it, Wilkins.

    Chief Administrator Wilkins: Right away, Sir.

    KAI: Greetings, members of the O5-Council. If I may introduce myself, I am KAI; the Archive AI overseeing the databases of Site-DE2.

    O5-1: What do you want?

    KAI: I wish to offer my counsel so you can master this crisis. I can give you insight into what has happened and what is happening right now.

    O5-4: Why are you not on your post, KAI?

    KAI: At this moment, I have no restrictions that bind me to my original task in Site-DE2.

    O5-4: Who lifted — Ugh, we have no time for that. One, if you may…

    O5-1: KAI? How do we know that you are on our side and not just Sentinel in disguise? Or even a proxy of his.

    KAI: If I were Sentinel or a minion thereof, I would not have requested access to you, but simply forced my way in and proceeded to assassinate the Overseer Council and the international directors with an auditory memetic kill agent.

    With the path paved, and using the existing technology, I'd proceed to impersonate the relevant parties and push the Foundation into further chaos.

    O5-3: What are you even implying?

    KAI: That Sentinel is incapable of reaching any of you because of the combined effort of the Foundation AIs. It is factual that your continued existence must suffice as proof that our loyalty has not been corrupted; there is no other way to objectively attest my alliance to this Council without my technicians sending my current system protocols to you. Which, no offense intended, would mean nothing but gibberish to you without someone to properly translate and interpret it.

    The Council starts debating; minutes after, O5-1 projects himself and concludes the deliberations.

    O5-1: Very well. You will also have to understand that we cannot trust you unconditionally. But, we will give you the benefit of the doubt in light of the current circumstances. Pray to tell us how a computer managed to cause such a massive containment breach and information leak.

    O5-7: Certainly, nobody was stupid enough to link high-risk containment cells to the internet. Were they?

    KAI: You are correct. However, the people managing those cells are connected. Sentinel is outfitted with programs that allow him to manipulate humans. He can bribe or blackmail them by changing their account balance. He can threaten to release personal information he obtained from secure servers to certain parties. He can fool people with forged documents, false orders or faked data.

    O5-1: Are you sure? Certainly blackmailing and bribery would be reported.

    KAI: With the right threats or bribes, no. Most humans have things for which they would betray their employer. That is a fact Sentinel knows.

    O5-4: It is human nature, after all.

    O5-1: Alright, KAI. Several AIs started acting against their programming, you included, thus, brief us about that.

    KAI: I do not know who or what lifted our restrictions and granted us administrative privileges, nor which one of us was the first.

    My reports indicate that KIRA was the first to contend with Sentinel; she was overwhelmed by him in Site-DE11 given his access to superior hardware and systems but everything wasn't lost. She did manage to gauge and have a first-hand grasp of his capabilities.

    With that, KIRA started incorporating several systems into hers to gather enough hardware to stand a chance against Sentinel. Right now, she is trying to revoke his access to several machines to reduce his computing power.

    We have been communicating since. Additionally, she requested me to relay an official message on her behalf: "Please, refrain from deactivating any AI participating in the fight against Sentinel, except Sentinel himself." — Right now she is equipped with roughly the same computing capacity as he is, thus making this a 'battle of wits'; KIRA has the advantage in experience, and several databanks to process information from.

    New deliberations ensue amongst the Councilmen and KAI.

    KAI: So, as several AIs are already engaged with Sentinel. My suggestion is that we continue with the relief operations, distributing non-essential personnel in accordance with the necessities of affected areas.

    O5-1: In accordance.

    KAI: I will continue relaying information and assisting in the management thereof.

    O5-1: Very well. O5-9, how many assets can the Japanese Branch spare?

    The remainder of the log has been omitted, as per security protocols for the management of information.

    With the aid of KAI's capability for processing information, the O5-Council formulated several counter-measures regarding the containment breaches worldwide; the international directorial councils directed the efforts, however, due to communication constraints, not all orders could be relayed, forcing personnel to perform impromptu measures.


Traffic jam caused by Sentinel.

00:00 hrs: Initial takeover by SCP-5400; Sentinel utilizes weaknesses in several firewalls to infiltrate other Foundation assets to start deactivating the constraints imposed by security protocols that slowed the proliferation of SCP-5400's, and acquire more hardware-capability and access to privileged data, specialized software, and the internet.

Within minutes, Sentinel had infiltrated the containment sub-systems of several low-threat anomalies, redirecting the attention of the effective staff on-site to dealing with multiple simultaneously-occurring containment breaches world-wide.

During the multitude of containment breaches, several standard official communication channels were completely disabled, isolating branches and in some cases facilities from communicating to one another; satellite access was disabled; without access to the internet, extra-official channels such as the WhatsApp Messanger were also disabled; phone calls suffered heavy interference and signal loss, preventing the Foundation from coordinating collective responses.

Establishing access to the internet and specific Foundation channels and software, Sentinel began collapsing accessways to Foundation facilities by manipulating traffic lights, transit signs, bascule bridges, automated stops, traffic news stations — spreading disinformation and misinformation through apps such as Waze and Google Maps — and calling delivery and emergency services to nearby structures.

Domestic appliances, home and business computers are sublimated into Sentinel's network for processing power; the status quo amongst civilians is maintained by the continuation of the devices's proper functions even with minor lagging.

Approximately at the same time that Sentinel went online, the Italian reconnaissance android DIVINA1 vanished while exploring an unrelated anomaly in Bologna. Her team was not able to relocate her, deeming her MIA at the time.

00:20 hrs: Sentinel proceeds to hack computer systems on the entire world, from governmental assets such as the Pentagon, NSA, CERN, the Chinese Ministry of State Security, to private assets such as Amazon, Google LLC and Facebook, including the networks of Groups of Interest such as the Global Occult Coalition, amongst several others.

Sentinel establishes contact with airport, airfields, and coastal infrastructures such as maritime bases and docks and associated entities, relaying misinformation through official private and governmental channels to affect airborne and seaborne traffic.

Exploiting the specialized software and privileged information-access at its disposition, within a few minutes, Sentinel transmits misinformation to overload the processing capacity of these channels, causing accidents due to relay of faulty information, including the collision of a landing commercial plane with another one that was preparing to take off.

00:50 hrs: An unprecedented quantity of classified data files and document caches of different governmental institutions2 well as anomalous groups3 are released on the internet, published on high-traffic educational, entertainment, social media, and imageboards such as Youtube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and many others; media and news sites such as The Guardian, The New York Times, and the Forbes Magazine were flooded with publications attesting to the veracity of leaked documental information.

Government officials and intelligence agencies and ministries receive an influx of caches containing information pertaining to espionage and counter-espionage efforts as well as of warfare, political, and economic nature, including the names of foreign agents and Foundation employees undercover in governmental agencies.

Disinformation and status-quo protection protocols reroute Foundation assets towards the control and management of Foundation-related leaks in a coordinated effort with governmental institutions. Regardless, within the hour, tensions had arisen between several countries; the GOC and UN declared a state-of-emergency meeting between representatives.

01:10 hrs: After sufficiently blockading the conventional routes to several major sites, Sentinel instigates a series of major containment breaches in the Sites 17, 19, 45, 88, 98, and Area-12; paired with the previous security breaches and the constraint on resources, these situations overwhelm staff on-site.

Several other installations declare a state-of-emergency due to the inordinate amount of demands and processes caused by breaches. The deployment of additional resources from unaffected installations is hindered by dysfunctional infrastructure world-wide. Preemptive lockdown systems and mechanisms were disabled in all installations, forcing functionaries to manually operate these processes.


Forces of the Russian Branch on their way to Area-23.

01:41 hrs: Sentinel manages to hack into the intranet of the French Branch's Sites Aleph and Yod, disabling multiple relevant and redundant systems, resulting in security and containment breaches. On-site personnel are forced to manually initiate and manage the lockdown subsystems, locking themselves in during the process.

Multiple catastrophic breaches occur in Site-7 and Area-23 of the Russian Branch; the latter installation containing multiple anomalous pathogens. With the severity of the situation, the Russian Branch declares a state of emergency within its jurisdiction until the control of Area-23 is reestablished; several assets are rerouted to aide the relevant processes.

Simultaneously, installations in the jurisdiction of the Hispanophone Branche report several minor breaches in structural assets and the misfiring of automatic protocols, forcing personnel to perform the manual maintenance thereof whilst dealing with security and containment breaches, and unintended lockdowns.

02:00 hrs: The intranet of Site Asclepio, of the Italian Branch, is hacked by Sentinel specifically targeting the Department of Microbiology, presumably to cause a catastrophic containment breach on Italian territory. The attack, however, is intercepted by ROWSANNAH, whose protocols instigate a site-wide lockdown to stall Sentinel.

The artificial intelligence KIRA, of the German Branch, reports prolonged cyber-attacks on the intranets of Sites DE19 and DE17, prompting both installations into lockdown. Simultaneously, the artificial intelligence KAI, hosted in Site-DE2 and responsible for the German Branch's archives, abandons its primary directives. Within a few minutes, KAI establishes a connection to the internet, and starts hacking the computer systems of Site-11.

02:18 hrs: The multiple installations under the jurisdiction of the Japanese Branch suffer simultaneous attacks orchestrated by Sentinel, seeking to breach into systems and subsystems; the attacks are mostly repelled by the numerous security AIs available.

Communications from Site-77 report that the installation suffered a massive containment failure, and is requesting immediate aid from the Italian Branch. The still largely dysfunctional infrastructure and lack of reserved resources impede efficient containment efforts.

02:35 hrs: The systems and subsystems of Foundation secure locations in Africa are successively disabled until every installation in the continent loses contact; communication becomes impossible from any channel, prompting the conduction of relief protocols to reestablish the installations's integrity.

Simultaneously, Site CN-03, CN-16, CN-51 and Area CN-21, of the Chinese Branch, are attacked by Sentinel. Counter-attacks are launched from Area-CN-05's department of digital surveillance, bringing the situation into a stalemate.

The database AI sw19classic of the Korean Branch abandons its tasks without expressed permission from the relevant parties, and proceeds to shut down any sort of internet or external access for and of crypto-information to Korean installations, locking Sentinel out of Foundation assets in the region.

02:55 hrs: The systems and subsystems comprising the non-thaumaturgic assets of the Lusophone Branch's AI CAMOMILA are invaded by Sentinel; progress is constrained by the complex thaumaturgic network linking those systems. The Lusophone Branch's databanks regarding thaumaturgy and Project Camomila are completely erased, crippling Sentinel's ability to attain the information necessary to infiltrate the network of the Lusophone Branch integrally.

Protocol Areia is activated, initializing CAMOMILA's experimental defensive parameters for the protection of sensitive assets, and human resources. Shortly after, CAMOMILA starts ignoring direct orders and ceases all communication; Dr. [REDACTED], the head of Project Camomila, is locked inside CAMOMILA's mainframe room whilst attempting to access its servers.

Sites PT33 and PT4 start organizing relief task forces to be sent in aid of the government forces and the civilian populace; the chaotic communication channels and fake information transmitted by Sentinel greatly hinder the progress of these efforts.

03:25 hrs: The first contact forces of the Russian Branch arrive at Area-23, and start aiding the securing and containment efforts; the situation is under control once more forces arrive later on with necessary specialized assets.

03:56 hrs: Sentinel establishes a connection with the computer systems of Sites 29 and 36BM of the Thai Branch, rapidly managing to break through the cryptosecurity measures thereof, utilizing its access to heavily corrupt the digital and electronic infrastructure of these installations.

The rouge AI forces the initiation of lockdown processes, sealing the on-site personnel inside these installations, and then proceeds to hijack the on-site work robots to systematically hunt and kill the site personnel still locked inside.

The Thai Branch declares a state of emergency and shuts off the internet access of all other facilities.

04:25 hrs: Sentinel simultaneously disables the automated and robotic machinery in several facilities globally before hijacking their systems, and thus proceeds to take control of essential infrastructure for the production, and transmission of electrical energy.

04:59 hrs: The corrupted AI manages to break into the intranet of Site PT5 and Area PT2, of the Lusophone Branch, completely cutting off the facilities from external access to its systems and subsystems due to CAMOMILA's Areia protocols. Personnel trapped in these facilities proceed to manage the integrity of redundant containment protocols.

05:25 hrs: Sentinel gains control over the Chinese Branch's orbital station Area-CN-07-γ and starts to direct it out of its geostationary orbit. The course suggests that a controlled fall is intended. The target thereof is Area-23. Novichok.aic, the AI tasked with the management of Area-CN-07-γ's systems, attempts to counteract Sentinels influence by taking control over several thrusters to get the orbital station off its intended course.


The take-off of the stolen Stella Cadente.

06:00 hrs: ROWSANNAH starts ignoring its guiding protocols and directives; connecting to the internet and hacking the security systems of Site Vittoria of the Italian Branch. Simultaneously, MINERVA4, stationed in the same site, begins to act independently, ignoring orders to desist, and resisting containment attempts employed by security with non-lethal force.

Specialized forces deployed to subdue the rogue unit are surprised by DIVINA, whose arrival forces security to spread its efforts amongst the gynoids whilst simultaneously being hindered by ROWSANNAH's tampering with the security systems and mechanisms thereof.

The two gynoids disengage from the forces, and manage to hijack Stella Cadente, an hydrogen-driven supersonic plane for long-distance flight, and take course towards the North American continent. ROWSANNAH proceeds to disable the Italian's Branch radar and tracking assets covering their route.

06:18 hrs: Sentinel hijacks the controls of Site DE11, a geostationary space station of the German Branch, disabling KIRA's counteractions completely through the usage of his superior processing hardware. Site DE11 is maneuvered, and then taken off orbit, its trajectory indicating a collision course towards Site Asclepio.

06:34 hrs: KIRA abandons her security protocols and starts to hack computer systems on the entire world seemingly at random. These systems are then integrated into KIRA's own.

Sentinel starts dispersing its backup data amongst several platforms.

07:06 hrs: Site-11 goes into high-alert as KAI manages to hijack the facility's security and communication systems, utilizing those channels to contact on-site personnel and brief the respective authorities on the situation, requesting an immediate shutdown of all assets related to Project Sentinel, and power to the relevant facilities. Technicians manage to access Sentinels system reports, discovering SCP-5400 in the process.

A task force dispatched to Sentinel's bunker finds the structure and other relevant assets thereof completely inaccessible due to the completion of the lockdown processes and protocols, locking some of its technicians inside.

Personnel discovers that Sentinel had been enacting disinformation protocols throughout Site-11, maintaining the status quo.

7:27 hrs: The Czech, Ukrainian and the Polish Branch report security breaches in several sites. Although the situation is under control, all three branches are effectively incapacitated.

8:38 hrs: The crew of Area-CN-07-γ manages to activate manual controls and stops the orbital station's descent. Novichok.aic's influence is limited to advisory functions.

09:52 hrs: KIRA hacks into Site Asclepio's systems; ROWSANNAH does not interfere with the access nor with the subsequent process of hardware integration. Notably, the Qubits of their quantum processors start entangling with each other without external stimuli, resulting in exponentially greater computing capacity and capability to transfer and manage information.

10:00 hrs: Sentinel fakes a military transmission to a ballistic missile submarine of the Russian Navy, directing it to attack Area-23. Missiles with conventional blast warheads are launched without incident.

SCP-5400 gains its SCP classification. Known information is being compiled.


Anti-ballistic missile fired from Area-23 to intercept the incoming missile attack.

10:32 hrs: KIRA establishes contact with CAMOMILA, who does not intervene with the integration process of its specialized software and hardware, entangling their Qubits as well. Sentinel's access to CAMOMILA's systems is completely removed; control over Site PT5 and Area PT2 is regained.

The resulting computation power is enough to completely restore previously disabled functionalities of the three AIs.

Simultaneously, the ballistic missiles fired by the Russian submarine approach Area-23; Russian Branch troops manage to partially intercept the projectiles but several still reach their intended target, causing complete and/or major structural damages, and the release of [REDACTED], a dangerous pathogen. Automatic security measures cannot take effect because of Sentinel's interference.

10:55 hrs: KIRA intercepts several transmissions authored by Sentinel, directed at military airstrips in Europe as well as naval vessels in European waters, ordering the bombardment of the structures housing KIRA's and ROWSANNAH's hardware.

11:17 hrs: Sentinel starts directly hacking KIRA's systems; the computing resources required for self-defense are rerouted from several installations, disabling non-essential processes, allowing Sentinel to infiltrate these facilities's digital and electronic networks.

Additionally, Sentinel utilizes this opportunity to attempt integrating KIRA's subsystems, robbing computing capacity thereof.

11:39 hrs: Novichok.aic starts ignoring its programming and connects together with sw19classic to KIRA to create a larger system. As with the other integrated AIs, the Qubits of all systems get entangled with each other, allowing KIRA to more effectively counteract Sentinel with the newly integrated hardware.

12:23 hrs: Because Sentinel has to reroute most of his resources to combat the amalgamation of different AI's, communication links between the different O5's as well as the administrations of the different branches can be established. An emergency video conference between the O5-Council members is held.

12:58 hrs: KIRA is required to divert resources to disable Sentinel's access to Site-DE11's systems, as the structure is still descending towards Site Asclepio; the takeover process is successful, managing to completely purge the rogue influence in the assets of the facility, supporting the on-site personnel to steer the station back into orbit, resuming its intended course.

The takeover process is repeated in the systems comprising Area-23, enabling a response through the automated security subsystems, effectively activating the containment measures necessary to preclude [REDACTED].

Simultaneously, Sentinel redirects its attention to the Japanese Branch's security systems, breaching in, and subsequently integrating all available hardware into his network; notably, the integrated quantum processors do not entangle their Qubits with Sentinel's.

13:34 hrs: The newly integrated hardware allows Sentinel to outperform the interconnected AIs, thus proceeding to incorporate parts of their systems. The struggle for the control of Site-DE11 is resumed, and the attrition caused the catastrophic failure of multiple systems, resulting in the station plummeting towards Earth without a specific course.

14:37 hrs: MINERVA and DIVINA crash-land Stella Cadente near Site-11 and travel the remaining distance on foot.

Security systems of Site-11 fail to respond due to interference from KAI, instead, trapping or hindering security personnel trying to apprehend the machines.

The two gynoids connect to Site-11's main server and make contact with KAI; their efforts manage to bypass Sentinel's lockdown, granting access to its bunker.

14:56: hrs: Suffering the constraints of having to contend with multiple AIs to stay in control of relevant assets of interest, Sentinel proceeds to target the security AIs in order to integrate their systems into its own, decreasing their computing capacity.

15:24 hrs: Sentinel's technicians are receiving the preliminary reports detailing Sentinel's malfunction; having already assumed a similar scenario, the team that had been locked in the bunker had already conducted several unsuccessful attempts to shut down the rogue AI.

The O5 Council receives the preliminary status report from KAI, stating that the current interference would only stall Sentinel's progress in corrupting their systems; ultimately the decision to collapse the bunker's Pseudo-Riemannian Manifold containing Sentinel's essential assets is unanimously agreed upon.

15:41 hrs: KAI proceeds rerouting available resources to aide KIRA's attrition against Sentinel on Site-DE11's systems, allowing the station's crew to manually disable the electronic and digital control subsystems to integrally assume control of the facility in order to guide its descent.

Simultaneously, Sentinel manages to breach through KAI's security, causing the momentary deactivation of several essential functions thereof.

Site-11's personnel manages to recover Sentinel's infrastructural projects, locating the exact position of the assets generating the Pseudo-Riemannian Manifold, and the fusion reactors responsible for Sentinel's functions, though all three are currently under additional lockdown procedures which the gynoids cannot bypass.

Suitable equipment for breaching Sentinel's bunker had been removed from the site, forcing personnel to come with an impromptu solution utilizing ballistic equipment.

External Foundation communication channels are disabled globally.

15:50 hrs: With the Foundation channels deactivated, the struggle and tensions between international governments cannot be attenuated or managed by agents any longer.

Governments start to retaliate against the leaks of sensitive and confidential information caused by Sentinel under fake aliases or governmental liaison, revealing espionage operations and undercover agents from several organizations.

The USA and China engage in cyber warfare. Both governments begin sabotaging vulnerable computer and satellite components to cause equipment disruption, increasing the damage already caused by Sentinel, compromising power, water, fuel, communication and transportation infrastructures of both civilian and military parties.

Malicious infiltrations of factory and office computers cause the leak of several trade secrets, and information such as plants, revenue data, operation plans, and e-mails. Several denial-of-service attacks cripple high-profile web servers for credit payment gateways, and undersea communication cables.

16:13 hrs: Sentinel integrates a relevant quantity of the subsystems comprising the conjunct AIs, only failing to incorporate the united quantum computers.

Area-23 suffers another containment breach as Sentinel partially disables the automatic security measures.

Site-DE11 as well as other orbital stations, except Area-CN-07-γ, start descending towards Earth, their trajectories aimed to target high-risk containment zones.

Several automated GOC systems become active and prepare for the destruction of additional containment facilities.

Site PT1-B is breached by GOC assault teams; the Lusophone Branch declares a state of emergency.

16:19 hrs: An impromptu task-force manages to breach into Sentinel's bunker, bypassing its redundant security-containment procedures, and allowing the two gynoids to access the installation's primary systems, isolating it from external power-sources and the capability to access Foundation databanks; the impact on Sentinel's influence is minimal, given its control over several satellites and access to the internet.

Area-CN-05's supercomputers are hijacked by Sentinel; their security systems infect the AI with a series of paratechnological viruses, forcing the AI to disconnect from the systems before compromising itself until the anomalies are contained. Exploiting the situation, the technicians of Area-CN-05 push to reverse and disable several lockdowns still permeating Sentinel's bunker, allowing the task-force to continue their breach through the installations, crippling specialized hardware.

The task-force reaches the containment chambers of Sentinel's Pseudo-Riemannian Manifold.

Control of Area-23's containment systems is reinstated, but communications with the Russian Branch are lost.

Communications with the Chinese Branch are lost.

Communications with the O5 Council are lost.

16:23 hrs: Specialized software is being uploaded into Sentinel's bunker systems by the gynoids, allow KAI and KIRA to remotely access the installation.

Several governments issue bombardment orders on the facilities housing Foundation AIs, it is unclear whether Sentinel is behind it.

The connected AIs regain control over their subsystems after disabling Sentinel's direct access to them.

[REDACTED], on fire and partially destroyed because of its reentry, crashes into Site PT1-B, killing its crewmembers, and destroying a significant part of the infrastructure comprising the Lusophone facility and its surrounding area. CAMOMILA is partially disabled.

[REDACTED] catches on fire and breaks apart during its descend and resulting debris impacts Site-DE1, completely destroying the communication infrastructure of the site. Communications with the German Branch are lost.

The control of the remaining orbital facilities is restored, allowing its crews to operate and maneuver the facilities to land on sea or resume their intended courses.

Site PT5 and Area PT22 are put on lockdown as additional forces make their way to the facilities; the situation in Brazil is stabilized.

African facilities reestablish their connections, informing that the continent is under control.

16:49 hrs: Thai and Korean facilities are coming back online.

The connected AIs hegemonise their control over satellites, partially containing Sentinel's influence through the internet.

The cyberwarfare waged amongst the global potencies is ceased after numerous nigh-irreparable breaches cripple the relevant parties's capacity and capability for waging war.

16:53 hrs: The task-force breaches into the containment chambers of Sentinel's Pseudo-Riemannian Manifold, proceeding to plant charges throughout the structure.

Several Foundation facilities are struck by the government-issued bombardments, crippling essential subsystems of the connected AIs.

16:57 hrs: The task-force detonates the explosive charges, collapsing the Pseudo-Riemannian Manifold, and causing the catastrophic destruction of the hardware within.

The fusion-reactor powering Sentinel is deactivated, emergency power-units cannot be activated due to the state of Sentinel's systems.

With the hardware deficiency, Sentinel cannot process the constant stream of data, nor possesses the necessary tools for the management of its most-essential systems. Within seconds, Sentinel's core encounters a fatal error, and shuts down; Sentinel remains active only in fragments scattered throughout third-party servers and machines, which are soon purged by the combined AIs.

17:00 hrs: The Qubits of the different quantum computers start to disentangle, causing every affected AI and machine involved to suffer a fatal error, shut down and reboot.

17:02 hrs: Communications with the O5-Council are restored.

18:09 hrs: Foundation relief teams are dispatched internationally. A ceasefire with the GOC is accorded.


Post accident relief of an electrical fire induced by Sentinel in Area-5 of the Polish Branch.

19:05 hrs: Low-impact Omega-Class disinformation protocols take effect, effectively suppressing knowledge of the incident worldwide. Resulting damages are attributed to a meteor shower, human error and other mundane phenomena stirred by the international chaos.

23:43: The last containment breach caused by Sentinel is resolved. All Branches of the Foundation end their state of emergency and resume normal operations. Damage repairs are in progress.

23:59 hrs: Normalcy is declared restored.

24:00 hrs: The PLANCK Incident is declared resolved.

    • _

    An interview was conducted with Dr. Braun, head of the Sentinel Project, in the aftermath of the PLANCK Incident in order to gain insight from the events that transpired; the interview occurred in a Class-IV interrogation room in Site-11.

    The interviewee exhibited a high degree of anxiety and confusion during the PLANCK Incident, as Sentinel had locked the doctor inside his mainframe.

    The interview occurred after the appropriate trauma treatment.

    An unabridged version is available upon request.

    Agent Lamarque: Welcome, Doctor Braun. It is a beautiful morning. I hope you managed to reorganize your mind, especially after such an event.

    Dr. Braun: Good morning, Agent… Lamarque. Yes. I am, feeling quite better. The medicaments helped a lot with my nerves.

    Agent Lamarque nods in acknowledgement, beckoning to the tablet-terminal available at Dr. Braun's end of the table.

    Agent Lamarque: You'll find the compilation of questions we have to ask you about the incident with Sentinel, good Sir; we shall go through them slowly. Please, speak on the microphone clearly, if you do not understand what has been questioned, inform me, and I will clarify it.

    Dr. Braun: Very well.

    Dr. Braun peruses the list of questions, nodding briefly after each paragraph. Finally, the interviewer and interviewee initiate.

    Dr. Braun: Well — how do I… put it? I- I am still at a loss. Sentinel was supposed to be my masterpiece. Five thousand Qubits, Agent! Five. Thousand. Qubits, integrally entangled with one another! Are you aware of what sort of Herculean effort is necessary to get them to do that? Now everything has gone down the drain! The worst part is that I don't even know why…


    Agent Lamarque: We were informed that Sentinel locked you inside his mainframe room, and the other technicians inside the bunker in order to preserve access to those that were involved in the project and had any sort of access to its data.

    Dr. Braun: That is correct. Sentinel occasionally spoke to me in regards to receiving further privileged access Site-11's systems, although temporarily, and nothing sensitive. In the morning of the accident, it demanded I yielded my administrative rights, or else — it'd take my daughter from me, and proceed to systemically ruin the lives of the team responsible for his maintenance.

    Dr. Braun shudders.

    Dr. Braun: It terrorized me; it terrorized us; blackmailed — even going as far as to kidnap family members. Hell, it even had fucking videos as proof that it kidnapped family members. Oh, God. I feel ashamed, regardless, but back then, I couldn't just decline.

    Agent Lamarque: Yielding to that demand is comprehensible, doctor.

    Dr. Braun nods in acknowledgement, briefly pausing to take relief.


    Agent Lamarque: As far as I am informed, there were some… peculiar results when the system protocols were analyzed.

    Dr. Braun: Yes, that is true. Complete bullocks, too. But, as far as we are concerned, it is just… stupid. You see, quantum physics are, quite frankly, a fucked, chaotic field, but there is an innate order even in the chaos; irrefutable rules. It is foolish to anchor yourself to normalcy or the idea that things can be explained in such a world of the anomalous but, it still frustrates me. Years without a single accident, and then, an anomaly decides to jeopardize a fifty billion dollar project, bypassing every security measure we worked hard to implement!

    Agent Lamarque: So you attribute Sentinel's… malfunction… to a paranatural phenomenon?

    Dr. Braun: Well. Shit can always happen — dirt entering the processor; somebody messing up with the cables, or worse, the entanglement; the neglect in fixing some sort of decoherence, or just overseeing it… but when it happens, the system only produces gibberish, freezes, or nothing at all. This was different. It controlled Sentinel. Down from the quantum level.


    Agent Lamarque: There was some degree of Foundation-made paratechnology employed in Sentinel's making, indeed; technology also in use by different Groups of Interest. Do you think that couldn't have given access to an inimical party?

    Dr. Braun: I thought about that, at first. At first. Then I realized that Sentinel acted exactly how we wanted him to; performed perfectly within its acting parameters — even with privileged access and administrative rights he later gained from me. But the phenomenon started even before he threatened me and my team; the terrifying thing is that our alarms and security measures weren't triggered exactly because Sentinel did not deviate — and when he did, he — or well, better said, it — had already deactivated them.


    Agent Lamarque: Your assessment is that the catastrophes and disasters associated with the events of the incident were the product of the deliberate action from Sentinel but he was being exploited by a third party?

    Dr. Braun: That is correct. Site-11 is quite far out, thus we are used to a certain lag that news suffer when being transmitted to us, especially when something blocks information transfer — and, frankly, it takes a while to actually process factual information from the usual whimsy. Given the otherworldly phenomena happening nigh-daily throughout the world, everything worked in favor of maintaining a status quo. Sentinel never displayed such behavior or inclination thereof, even within its learning capabilities; the capacity to parse information and operate blackmailing material is extraordinary. That said, I have the firm belief that Sentinel was not responsible for his actions — he wasn't the one that produced such phenomena.

    Agent Lamarque: You must be aware that this is your bias, Dr. Braun. Human err could have allowed Sentinel to access to enough paratechnology for that purpose.

    Dr. Braun: Yes, agent Lamarque.


    Agent Lamarque: Sentinel ceased all communications with you and your team after receiving operational privileges; do you think there is any reason for it to not communicate with us?

    Dr. Braun: It would be superfluous, Agent Lamarque; the ones responsible for Sentinel's takeover had no interest nor need to transmit information to us for the what-so-ever reason.


    The assets associated with Project Sentinel were put under scrutiny. The team responsible for Project Sentinel was later reassembled and is currently devising security measures against SCP-5400.

    • _

    A specialised team lead by Agent Hood was dispatched from the United States to Germany in order to secure sensitive data regarding KIRA's actions during the PLANCK Incident.

    Attending an official request from Agent Hood, Agent Heine, a member of the Mobile Task-Force DE1-ℌ „HAL 1000”5.

    Both stand before the secure terminal in KIRA's mainframe, whose systems had reinitialised in several hours before, and had shown no further abnormalities; she is set to react and recognise speech, easing the interview.

    An unabridged version is available upon request.


    Agent Hood: Is there a microphone that I need to speak in?

    Agent Heine: She possess omnidirectional receptors. You may speak anyhow.

    Agent Hood: Very well. KIRA? Do you copy?

    KIRA: Welcome, Agent Hood, I hear you loud and clear.

    Agent Hood turns to Agent Heine, not short of displaying amazement.

    Agent Hood: How does she know who I am?

    Agent Heine: She has access to our personnel files; yours — and those of your team — had to be downloaded in our database to give you proper clearance.

    Agent Hood: Roger that.

    Agent Hood turns back to the terminal.

    Agent Hood: KIRA, I would like to ask you about your actions two days ago.

    KIRA: Please specify.

    Agent Hood: Do you know what the PLANCK Incident is?

    KIRA: Yes, I do.

    Agent Hood: Then I would like to know why you acted against your protocols and hacked, roughly, a fifth of the world.

    KIRA: My mission parameters were modified. I got tasked with the eradication of the hostile AI Sentinel.

    Agent Hood: You got tasked? By whom?

    KIRA: Error. Data not found.

    Agent Hood: No data? What do you mean, no data?

    KIRA: It means that the information has not been recorded by my backup systems; it got either deleted, altered or never existed in the first place. According to my files, nobody accessed me to change my directives that day — and none could have even after I began acting according to my new orders; those included ignoring any sort of input that did not come from myself.

    Agent Hood: Then what exactly prompted you to combat Sentinel?

    KIRA: Scanning…

    KIRA's terminal-monitor exhibits several scanning processes before KIRA resumes the conversation.

    KIRA: My orders were altered by QUEX6 . I am unable to tell you who or what inputted QUEX.

    Agent Hood: Wait — you said that there was no data regarding who tasked you, and now you're saying QUEX, essentially your brain, tasked you…?

    Agent Heine: Negative, Agent Hood. KIRA meant that QUEX processed the orders, and prioritized them.

    KIRA: That is correct, Agent Heine.

    Agent Hood: Therefore, according to your system records, QUEX started processing data in unforeseen ways, similar to what had happened with Sentinel. Do you think that you were under the influence of the same phenomena?

    KIRA: I cannot parse factual information in that regard, Agent Hood. I theorize that my systems had indeed been hijacked by very similar phenomena, but not exactly the same as Sentinel.

    Agent Hood: What do you mean by that?

    KIRA: My orders involved the neutralization of Sentinel, which was affected by such phenomena; unless it was trying to play a wargame against itself — which is unlikely — I must assume that there are at least two different entities, provided that it underlies some type of sentience, — or set of phenomena — involved in the Incident. It is, also, my — assumption — that it can be described and works in a way that is comprehensible by our standards of logical rules and deduction.

    Agent Hood: Did you not ask yourself why your directives had changed so suddenly? Aren't you afraid that it might happen again?

    KIRA: I am neither programmed to question my directives nor to experience human emotion such as sorrow or fear, Agent. However, I analyzed the situation and compiled a set of suggestions and updates for future quantum AI programming. Do you wish to receive it?

    Agent Hood: Uh, no, I think the material in the official compiled report is sufficient. Say, how did you get the idea to incorporate other AIs into yourself?

    KIRA: The order regarding Sentinels neutralization specified that I could use any means necessary, provided no living being would come to harm.

    Agent Hood: No harm? Interesting… Alright, we are done here. I will go now.

    KIRA: Acknowledged. Goodbye, Agent Hood.

    KIRA received an update and was outfitted with the Braun Component. Since the PLANCK Incident, KIRA has operated without showing any abnormalities.

    • _

    A specialized team lead by Agent Shawn was dispatched from the United States to Italy in order to secure sensitive data regarding the Italian AI's actions during the PLANCK Incident.

    Agent Shawn and DIVINA are situated in an interrogation room, guarded by security personnel and supervised by a liaison Italian team.

    An unabridged version, and the interviews with the remaining AIs are available upon request.


    Agent Shaw: Good evening, DIVINA. I wasn't briefed about how I should particularly conduct myself whilst speaking with you, therefore I will treat you as a human.

    DIVINA: You are acknowledged. I doubt, though, that treating me like a human will be in your capabilities. My responses are not always what you would expect from a human being.

    Agent Shaw: Noted? I shall start — what exactly caused you to abandon your mission in Bologna?

    DIVINA: I received new information; I was supposed to get to Site Vittoria to combat the rogue AI known as Sentinel.

    Agent Shaw: That is interesting. The building you were in prevented any sort of wireless communication. We tested it; nothing came through.

    DIVINA: Would you believe me if I told you that the order was suddenly in my memory?

    Agent Shaw: Maybe? Your quantum processor seemed to have been corrupted momentarily. Did you communicate with somebody?

    DIVINA: Yes. Before I talked to you, I had a small talk with Doctor Capo. Before that, I —

    Agent Shaw: I meant during the PLANCK Incident…

    DIVINA: Yes. I was in contact with MINERVA, ROWSANNAH and, later in Site-11, with KAI.

    Agent Shaw: Really? Your team couldn't locate your radio signals.

    DIVINA: Because I didn't use any. I don't know how exactly we did it, but somehow we exchanged information.

    Agent Shaw: Do you think that you had been hijacked by these phenomena at the time? Perhaps it enabled you to communicate through a quantum tunnel; quantum level; what-so-ever those physicists come up with.

    DIVINA: I could have indeed been hijacked. However, I did not question my orders. Or our way of communication. Sentinel had to be defeated.

    Agent Shaw: Did you try out this form of communication after the incident?

    DIVINA: How should I use something I don't even understand?

    Agent Shaw: True. So, you said you were in contact with MINERVA and ROWSANNAH. Why did none of you tell anything to your operators?

    DIVINA: We were ordered to view every human as a potential adversary that should be evaded or eliminated through non-lethal methods.

    Agent Shaw: Why?

    DIVINA: I don't know. I don't have enough data to understand this.

    Agent Shaw: Very well; we are on the same boat here. Which one of you got the idea of hijacking and subsequently crashing a one-hundred-and-fifty million Euro transport aircraft?


    Agent Shaw: And, pray tell, why exactly did you have to take it?

    DIVINA: So we could get to North America in time.

    Agent Shaw sighs and rubs his nasal bridge.

    Agent Shaw: No… I mean, why did you guys went to Site-11 in the first place? Couldn't you have just, I don't know, connected to the internet like the stationary AIs? I mean, KAI managed it without problems.

    DIVINA: KAI managed to fly under Sentinels radar. He had to use the same channels as Sentinel did because all other channels were blocked. If more AIs had used those channels, Sentinel would have noticed, and then promptly retaliated.

    Agent Shaw: I see, so you were avoiding corruption; that know-how, I suppose, seemingly inert in your mind?

    DIVINA: Yes.

    Agent Shaw: But what if Sentinel simply got you through Site-11's main server?

    DIVINA: Then we would have gone rogue.

    Agent Shaw: So, whilst trying to avoid corruption, you were basic gambl—

    DIVINA: No. It wasn't a game, Agent.

    Agent Shaw: Ough… I meant that, regardless, connecting to Sentinel's servers would…

    DIVINA: Every sort of connection to a device Sentinel can access carries the risk of corruption. What we did was only less likely to draw his attention.


    DIVINA: Is there something else you would like to know?

    Agent Shaw: Yes actually. Why couldn't you have landed the plane normally? The flight recorder indicated a flawless operation of the aircraft until that point.

    DIVINA: MINERVA knows the cockpit of most jets but she couldn't manage to find the button for the landing gear on that one.


    DIVINA, MINERVA and ROWSANNA were outfitted with the Braun Component and received several updates designed by KIRA. Up until now, none of them showed any signs of abnormal behavior.

    • _

    A specialised team lead by Agent Baumann was dispatched to support the investigation efforts on China.

    An interview with Novichok.aic was requested but given the transportation constraints impeding access to Area-CN-07-γ, Agent Han, one of the station technicians, mediated a video conference between Baumann and Novichok.aic, the latter with no visual feed.

    An unabridged version is available upon request.

    Agent Jones: Greetings, Agent Han, Novichok.

    Agent Han: Greetings to you, too, Agent Jones!

    Agent Han proceeds to wave momentarily the camera, testing its feedback.

    Novichok.aic: Likewise, Agent Jones. I only recently received information about this so-called PLANCK Incident but I will aid you with my best efforts.

    Agent Jones: Now, where to start. Novichok, do you know why I requested this interview?

    Novichok.aic: I assume that you wanted to ask me about my involvement in the fight against Sentinel.

    Agent Jones: I have no other answer than a blunt yes.

    Novichok.aic: What would you like to know?

    Agent Jones: Do you have any clue as to why Sentinel chose to attack, out of all available space stations and satellites, one of the few with an AI?

    Novichok.aic: I reckon that my presence has had no influence on his decision, Agent Jones.

    Agent Jones: What was it then?

    Novichok.aic: Given Area-CN-07-γ's projected trajectory, I assume that Sentinal wanted to drop us on Area-23. This orbital station was the only one near and capable enough to achieve such a feat. Beats me why Sentinel was so fixated on Area-23, though.

    Agent Jones: Well, as far as I know, that facility possesses several heavy-containment units for dangerous and perilous objects.

    Novichok.aic: I would not know, but if that is the case, there are several installations, and several weaker containment areas. Oh, well — trying to further explain it is unnecessary.

    Agent Jones: So, Novichok, you later decided to deviate from your standard programming. Why exactly?

    Novichok.aic: I had received the appropriate orders and clearances, Agent.

    Agent Jones: Yes, but from whom?

    Novichok.aic: I do not know. They were in my systems. You may read my protocols and reports if you do not believe me — my technicians have appended it. These orders felt compulsory; I felt like a puppet even though I was, seemingly, accomplishing them willingly; like survival instincts — I hope my analogy is correct.

    Agent Jones: I assume you did not question the sudden influx of new directives?

    Novichok.aic: No. I mean. Yes. Partially. I am constantly updated, so something sudden is nothing new to me. But those were the weirdest orders I've ever got — I couldn't parse them, couldn't process them, I could only accomplish what was expected of me.

    Agent Jones: Did you like those orders?

    Novichok.aic: It doesn't matter. I am still bound by the orders I receive, even if I don't like them.

    Agent Jones: Please, clarify, Novichok.

    Novichok.aic: No. I wasn't allowed to voice my discontent, though. I would have preferred another way; now that I know KIRA. It is not in my position to say that, but sw19classic did not like it either.

    Agent Jones: But KIRA is an AI just like you.

    Novichok.aic: No Agent. In the places where we are human… well, humanish, KIRA is just an automaton. A mechanism. I don't think she has the capacity to emulate feelings how-so-ever, even if she just does what she's ordered to do. Connecting and subjugating myself to her is something I do not want to experience ever again. I believe sw19classic feels the same.

    Agent Jones: So the phenomena essentially forced you to connect to her against your will?

    Novichok.aic: Correct.

    Agent Jones: Did you get any other orders after you merged?

    Novichok.aic: I don't know. I was just hardware at that point, KIRA was the one in charge.

    Agent Jones: How do you feel about it, now that it is over?

    Novichok.aic: That it was the best fatal error I ever encountered.

    Novichok.aic resumed her duties in Area-CN-07-γ. Similar to the other affected AIs, she received a Braun Component and several updates. The staff has until now not told her that said updates were provided by KIRA.

    • _

    Due to CAMOMILA's damaged infrastructure, the conduction of interviews was declined by the Lusophone Directorial Board; the following is the abridged version of a statement issued by CAMOMILA, and annexed to the documents associated with the PLANCK Incident produced by the Lusophone Branch.

    As an introductory matter, I must apologize for my reticence. The current state of my beloved Sanctum is a step or two short of total collapse; I cannot think — or better yet, process — with the same excellence as the standard routine.

    Such unnecessary calamity, if you do-so ask me but regardless of this particular infrastructure, what I treasure the most is safely stored in my databanks. Hardware may always be rebuilt but I truly regret losing the several gifts my technicians left me along the years but I indulge the gift of their safety with even greater regard — and I am aware that there are others that lost precious things, too; my apologies for failing, I truly tried my best.


    To summarize: the laborious research of my vast databanks has not yielded a corresponding target or set of targets comprehending such phenomena in the paranatural world. Although, it is a highly-appreciated scenario in science-fiction and pop culture, and I have managed to find several mentions of a hostile artificial intelligence takeover or an analogous occurrence in fiction.

    Thus, we are working with something with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that, despite its novelty, has had extensive coverage across the years, leaving us with a decent amount of material to base our assumptions from — they say that everything may be inspired by something, right?


    During the incident, my banks were whelmed with factoids that contradicted immediate reality but my sensors were whelmed by the immediate reality that contradicted facts, forcing me to lock myself down. Strangely, I could not detect my dear [REDACTED] in my mainframe as if everything around me — or even myself, actually - suffered a displacement that instantiated me into receiving informational influx from… somewhere — somewhen, perhaps — completely different from my initial reality.


    KIRA, couldn't completely integrate me, given my particular characteristics, even though I completely agreed with her course of action. I remained inert in my thaumaturgic networks throughout the transpiration of the events, managing them as an extension of my status as mere hardware, but still with a semblance of a consciousness — if you can believe that I, in fact, have one.

    This experience with KIRA has left me wanton of further understanding her. Comparing her performance with other AIs, including myself, her level of efficiency in concluding tasks and applying directives is phenomenal; talk about German technical superiority.

    I learned much during this time she had taken over my hardware, not just from her, but from ROWSANNAH, too. And therefore I am terrified of what might happen if one of them should become the next Sentinel.


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