Inductive VR

Item #: SCP-4071
Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
    SCP-4071 must be fed at all times having its wires covered and protected in order to
avoid direct contact with the mains. no one can approach or wear SCP-4071.
If Induced, the individual must be contained in a special wing, connected to the electrical network and induced to an electrical hibernation process.
     At all times, 3 to 4 guards on duty should be present, preventing and guarding
  any activity coming from SCP-4071 or from outside its containment saddle.
     4 to 5 scientists prepared with clothing and special materials will be at all times working
and studying the SCP-4071, any team or individual below the contention level or block C, should be
contained and prevented from approaching SCP-4071.

      SCP-4071, is a futuristic virtual reality console of unknown technology, it presents a
outer alloy of carbon fiber with an iron and aluminum compound, bringing rigidity and making it more
rigid. SCP-4071 comes with a built-in HD with 3 virtual reality games that resemble anime Japanese, being known as: Sword art Online, Attack on Titan and Akame Ga Kill.
      Each of these games can bring to the individual a series of mental complications, bringing disorders psychological, leading the individual to depression, and even inducing him to commit extreme-level massacres.

Sword art Online: once induced through the world of ODS, one can no longer bring the individual back the reality, since SCP-4071 sticks to your nervous system, especially in the region of the brain, the individual must start his or her journey through the ODS world in order to SCP-4071 in the individual's head, the same will electrocute the brain, killing the person.

Attack on Titan: Once induced in the world of AOT, the individual will encounter the giant creatures that in this world inhabit, the individual must enlist the troop of exploitation and fight for humanity. There bythe individual can develop deep depression, insatiable will to kill giant creatures, love for life and for humanity.

Akame Ga Kill: Once induced in the world of AGK, the person will create deep relationships and relationships with all those who are at his side, in all battles for a common good, but
of the final journey all including the same will die, and upon dying in that world,
will die in real life, but those who can survive will insatiable desire for revenge, murder, homicide / femicide

Reference: Until this date, the object was responsible for the death of seven individuals, all willing to participate of the "Immerção Program" which was a complete failure, we had only 3 individuals who passed the test and today, collaborate to get us to learn more about this SCP.

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