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SCP-4062 no pátio central do Sítio-██.

Item Nº: SCP-4062

Nível de Ameaça: Seguro

Procedimentos Especiais de Contenção: SCP-4062 deve ser mantido dentro de um canil padrão de contenção canina equipado com uma grande cama de cachorro, prato de comida, tigela de água e brinquedos para cães. SCP-4062 deve ser alimentado com 600 gramas de ração seca e passeado diariamente por seu zelador designado.

Em condições desreguladas, SCP-4062 não deve ser submergido em ordem para prevenir explosões de vapor.

Descrição: SCP-4062 é um cão pastor ucraniano macho com 64 cm de altura e 48 kg de massa. Além de senescência negligenciável,

When fully submerged, SCP-4062 shakes rapidly enough to boil water at standard pressure. In this state, SCP-4062 requires no oxygen or food and displays anomalous tolerance of high temperature and pressure with no currently known limit. Once all liquid has boiled away and SCP-4062 is dry, it will stop shaking and resume nonanomalous behavior. If SCP-4062 cannot bring surrounding liquid to a boil or if vapor is condensed and recirculated in a way that it remains submerged, SCP-4062 will shake indefinitely.1

Addendum 1: SCP-4062 was acquired when Foundation agents captured K-406, a Soviet Navy Project 705 (Лира/Lira) attack submarine, on 29/08/1983 after several Soviet submarine crews were infected with [REDACTED]. Once forced to surface and searched for [REDACTED], it was noted that the vessel’s reactor, expected to be a lead-cooled fast reactor like those of other Project 705 submarines, was of no known design. Disassembly revealed it to contain SCP-4062, which was being used to generate steam for the reactor’s turbines. No trace of [REDACTED] was found.

Following extensive interrogation, it was ruled that K-406’s crew had no knowledge of their vessel’s anomalous power supply except for sole engineer Andrei Aleksandrov, henceforth referred to as Person of Interest 4062-13. Claimed to be a naval nuclear engineer by his crewmates and Soviet emissaries to the Foundation, PoI-4062-13 insists he is a “canine engineer” and 1975 graduate of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (МИФИ/MEPhI) Canine Physics and Engineering program (see Interview Log 4062-13-2). PoI-4062-13's claims remain unsubstantiated.

K-406’s crew was repatriated on 17/12/1983 following amnesticization, excluding PoI-4062-13 who remains in Foundation custody. K-406 is stored at the Site-██ shipyard.

Materials produced by PoI-4062-13 have proven useful in manufacturing additional reactors and control systems to make use of SCP-4062. Such systems, like that recovered from submarine K-406, are nonanomalous in construction and merely exploit the anomalous properties of SCP-4062. Producing additional specimens of SCP-4062, which PoI-4062-13 insists is a normal dog, has been unsuccessful as its clones and offspring display no anomalous characteristics. Agents embedded in Soviet and Russian governments have been unable to obtain additional information concerning “canine water boiling reactors” or canine engineering programs.

Addendum 2: Interview Log 4062-13-2

Interviewed: PoI-4062-13
Interviewer: Dr. Dementyev
Foreword: The following preliminary interview was conducted on 30/09/1983 in an attempt to determine the origin of SCP-4062 and its relation to PoI-4062-13.2
<Begin Log, skip to 00h-8m-17s>
PoI-4062-13: I am graduate of МИФИ Canine Physics and Engineering program. I do not understand why that is unusual for naval canine engineer.
Dr. Dementyev: According to contacts from your government, Mr. Aleksandrov, you are a nuclear engineer and graduate of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute’s Nuclear Physics and Engineering program.
PoI-4062-13: I have no knowledge of this "new clear" as you say.
Dr. Dementyev: Ядерная. Nuclear. You have been working on a Лира nuclear attack submarine, K-406.
PoI-4062-13: You confuse me. My submarine, K-968 is овчарка-class.3 It is powered by canine water boiling reactor, reinforced to prevent explosion in case of hull breach. Very standard technology, yes?
Dr. Dementyev: No.
PoI-4062-13: You do not know of canine reactor? All tensions with America are from canine technology. Canine reactor, canine bomb, canine missile.
Dr. Dementyev: Canine bomb? Missile?
PoI-4062-13: Yes. Both countries have many such weapons now. Geopolitical situation is very complicated.
Dr. Dementyev: Let’s… come back to that later. Can you explain again how a dog can boil water?
[PoI-4062-13 sighs and grabs his assigned notebook.]
PoI-4062-13: Is basic physics. Let me draw diagram.
<End Log>

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