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Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Euclid

Special Contaiment Procedures: The SCP-███ is not totally contained and is usually kept in the Floor ██ of the Site-██. And needs to be oserved by two or more Containment Specialists.
Only 3 or higher clearence personnel can have contact with the SCP.

Description: SCP-████ is a temporal anomaly that resembles a 1,80 meter tall cauccasian human male teenager. It has a short black hair. It's a intelligent being that have practically the same reasoning ability of an average teenager. The creature seems to be very temperamental when is in contact with other living beings. Sometimes it can be very hostile.

When some subject look right to the eyes of the scp, the subject can have some symptoms of an ordinary disease. Such as nausea, fatigue and etc. Subjects that have looked at its eyes reported that they have felt their heads "misteriously spinning" or having some kind of "break of time and reality" as if the time suddenly disappears.

The SCP appears every leap year in February 29th in it's floor that is "his starting point". It was discovered In 02/29/████. When it manifests, it is always lying down inconscient in some location pertencent to the Floor ██. Awake the SCP shows a very confused expression, it looks around the place where it is in the moment and starts to examine everything revealing an interesting curiosity. As it starts to notice where it is. It tries to escape. And ends up always failing somewhere.
The longest distance covered by the SCP was █████. Someone that attempts to stop the SCP by holding it suddenly gets insane and makes suicide attempts. To "stop" the SCP from escaping it needs to get "killed".

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